Design Challenge #27

I cannot believe we are at Design Challenge #27. That is over 6 months almost 7 months worth of challenges. It has been fun and has actually taught me some things that I did not know where options in both Adobe XD and Figma. I should continue to do these or maybe it’s better to try to come up with an idea for an app and run it through the UX gauntlet (double diamond) and build it out all the way to high fidelity wireframes? I don’t know which way I am going to go with it but I definitely believe that I should continue to do these but on a larger scale.

For this design challenge, I have been tasked with designing a team signature for an ice cream shop. I took the signature portion as a signature at the bottom of an email. So really the only people that would be using the store email would be corporate or the management.

I started out with trying to come up with a name of a store and I had ideas such as “Creamativity Creamery” and the fried ice cream place called “The Creamatorium” but I thought the first one people would not understand the second one just sounds too dark. The one I landed on is called What’s The Scoop.

Once I had the name down I just needed to create a logo (I mean, let’s face it, what kind of business doesn’t have their logo in their signature?). So, I went out in search of the perfect font on Adobe font library and landed on Montserrat Alternatives. I then turned to the web for some inspiration on the ice cream part of the logo. I found an ice cream cone that I was able to bring into illustrator and change the colors and create 2 separate characters in the logo (one vanilla and one chocolate).

Once the logo was done I then went to the internet to search for some icons for the address, phone, email, and website lines of the signature. Once I found those it was just a matter of playing with the typeface to find the correct size and weight. I used my girlfriends name as the name for both the owner and the location manager because if there is anyone that, I know personally, would own an ice cream business it is her.

Below is the final product of both the corporate signature and the location managers signature.

Corporate Signature

Location Manager Signature

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