Design Challenge #26

Design Challenge #26! WOW! That is 26 weeks of doing these. Simply amazes me.

For this Design Challenge I was tasked with making a magazine cover for an 80’s movie. I went with one of my favorite movies from the 80’s, The Blues Brothers, and did some research on magazine fonts, The Blues Brothers font, and what movie posters and such looked like in the late 70’s early 80’s.

What I found was that movie posters were mainly hand drawn early to late in the 70’s and was slowing changing to pictures in the 80’s. With this knowledge I went to illustrator and came up with, what I think is a pretty good idea, the magazine cover. I wanted the cover to have the essence of the movie but not be exactly like the movie cover. So what I did was go to the internet and find some of the most memorable quotes from the movie and picked one of my favorite ones.

Joliet Jake: “We Need This Gig!”
Elwood: “We’re On A Mission From God.”

Blues Brothers Iconic Image

I based my image for the magazine cover off of 1 of the iconic images ( like the one pictured ) from the movie. I noticed in all the images, the hats, the glasses and the ties were in all of them. These three things are what makes you think of The Blues Brothers. So I set out in Illustrator to make the magazine cover. I thought the suits, hats and glasses they wear are black and white so let’s try to keep it in that family of colors (black, white and gray). After playing around with the layout and finding the correct fonts on the internet… Below is the finished product.

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