Design Challenge #25

Design Challenge #25 is all about “Designing whatever I want for a dog park.” Sounds like a great time right? I thought so. I started with creating a logo and a name. Now I know what you are thinking; “a logo and a name? For a Dog Park?” This isn’t any old dog park. This is a private dog park that people pay to be members of. Now that is an owner who loves their pup, am I right?

Ok so I designed a logo (in the image) and came up with a name for the dog park. I chose easy on the eyes colors as well as a text that is easy to read but has a little bit of character to it. Once I had this done I could have called it quits and ended the design challenge there, but what type of person would that make me? I continued on and made a little bit of a UI/Mood board for the dog park.

In this UI/Mood board I included the logo, the dominant and primary colors with their hexadecimal numbers and the font sizes and typefaces for headings and normal paragraphs. I also included some photos in the mood board to try and help with the idea creation in my head and instead I ended up using them for the final deliverable idea that I came up with.

Once I had the mood board laid out and pictures selected from Unsplash (Thank You Unsplash), I though for a little bit about what exactly a dog park would need designed. After a couple of minutes it hit me. At this dog park we will break up the area into smaller areas. 1 for puppies, 1 for small dogs, 1 for normal sized dogs, and 1 for older dogs. These areas are going to need some sort of designation with a name and (I chose a color) a distinguishing name or character. This would help in case any emergencies happen and would help if people are trying to meet up for pupper playdates (that’s what I am calling them, LOL).

Once I came up with the idea, it was time to layout the signs. I figured I would kill 2 birds with one stone and also make the signs tell the owners that it is their responsibility to “clean up” after their dog. The sign also informs the owners that the box under the sign has biodegradable bags for them to use to “clean up” and that they can use any waste bin at the park to dispose of the bag.

I created 3 different areas, Hope’s Haven for puppies, Juliet’s Gymboree for all dogs, and Parker’s Playhouse for older dogs. Each sign would be placed in the park along the fence and larger at the entrance. Below is what the signs would look like. Nothing flashy just straight informational metal signage.

That is all I did for this challenge. If you want to see everything in one pdf, please click the button below to view it. Thank you for checking out my Design Challenge and connect with me on if you want to chat. 🙂

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