Design Challenge #24

I cannot believe I have done 24 of these! It is crazy to me. Since I have been applying for a lot of jobs and have seen my fair share of job postings, I guess it is only fair to design/layout my idea for a job posting. I took this as the area that would sit between the header/navigation and the footer (so the meat and cheese in the sandwich). This is a high-mid fidelity frame but it definitely could use some glitz and glam to bring it to full high fidelity. Ok, enough of me talking about the challenge, let’s really get into it.

First Steps

So the first thing I did was go onto the major job boards (dice, career builder, linkedin, monster) and pulled what exactly people are looking for when applying for a job. Now, in a perfect world, each job posting would be required to post the benefits, pay and name of the company you would be working for but if you have been applying for jobs recently, a lot of companies will not be so liberal with their information. As a job seeker, these things are super important for me, so… they are required to post to my job board. ?

Next Step

I went with colors that are not to flashy and worked on my hierarchy of text. I think I accomplished that by making the things that are important to an applicant stand out while also not eliminating the, what seem to be, un-important data entirely. The buttons were next on my list with the most important, and eye catching one, being the apply button. The other 3 are no slouch though with a smooth animation on the desktop version and a simple hover on the mobile version. This animation could be simply done with some CSS and javascript coding (not completely out of my wheelhouse, but something I would leave up to the professionals ? ).

The rest of the text is from an actual job post and I wanted the applicant to be able to easily still see the buttons and relevant offerings (pay, benefits, etc) while still being able to read what the company is looking for. To accomplish this I just made the top part of the posting stick while the user scrolls.

Final Steps

The final steps of this challenge were to prototype it out for a user to get the (high-mid-fidelity) look and feel of the project. I laid out and prototyped both a desktop version and mobile version in figma. Both examples can be found below and are a working prototype you can play with.

This was a super simple design and an easy layout. The part that took the most time was going to each job board and determining what the items were that applicants wanted to see. I am sure there are more fields that can be added but until the designs are tested, I would not know what they were.

In short, the next thing to do would be to test this layout with some simple actionable items and see how the user feels about the layout and how they complete the tasks. If you have any questions or just want to chat/pick my brain, reach out to me on I am always up for some discussion or help if I can. ?

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