Design Challenge #20

So… Here we are week #20 of my job searching, networking, design challenging, and blog posting. I have chosen to design and layout an animated logo and splash page with image slider this week. This splash page is for a tech company and you would get to this page coming from an online ad (facebook, instagram, patch). This page would show them 3 offers or services that they would like to highlight. So lets get into the nitty gritty of this challenge.


To start I did a little research on some splash screens and tried to get some ideas that I thought fit the genre and feel of what I was trying to accomplish. Once I found that, I jumped into Figma to create the layout and feel for the splash screen. I tried to find colors that would work together and settled in on black, white, gray, and orange as the accent color.

Next I started to create the opening animation. The simple animation is meant to be almost like a loader of sorts where if the page needed time to load, for a slower connection as an example, the rectangle could keep spinning until the page was ready to load. Once, the page was ready it could go through the final animations of the splash screen and load the page.

The finished product can be seen below in video format.

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