Design Challenge #19 brings me back into a program that I used to love to use before I found Adobe XD. I am back in Figma and it feels good great. In this design challenge, I did a progression bar. This progression bar was tied to a form that needed to be filled out for a job placement app. Each time a person filled out the section that was on screen and hit next the bar would fill showing the user how far along on the form they have progressed. I kept this in a mid fidelity layout to just show the functionality of the bar. In reality, I would have loved to add a background and some animated loading stripes in the bar to draw attention to it. Instead, I used a very annoying eye catching color of full red (#ff0000). Once the form has been completed, the user would be taken to a board that shows all the jobs the recruiting company has for open positions.

Please see the video below for an actual walkthrough of the prototype.

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