So this design challenge I decided to take a break from my past web design style challenges. This challenge, I decided to go the route of making a collapsible menu. This menu can be used for mobile apps and possibly even a website both regular and mobile. I started by using a logo from a previous design challenge as the logo for my fake company.

This animation actually seems harder to make than it actually is. Adobe XD has something called components that allow the same thing to be used throughout multiple artboards. These components also allow different states. All of the animations in this piece are done using auto animate and component states. Please see a video of the full animation below

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Hi, I'm Justin Pierce. I am a newly certified UX Designer with a background in Graphic Design, Web Design, and am a part-time hatchet-throwing photographer. To say I am new to this blogging thing is an understatement. I have added blogs to client websites before but never actually had to sit down and write one myself. Here goes nothing…