This weeks design challenge I started looking at other functions of importing content into Adobe XD. I laid out a cooking recipe website where recipes are setup in 3 columns by 3 rows. I set them up to be just a placeholder image and each area of the recipe (Type of Food, Name of Dish, Duration of Time to Prep, How Many People the Recipe will Feed and the URL of the image).

Once I setup all 9 to be exactly the same using the repeat grid function (love this function), I started creating a new google doc with all the correct fields. This is the information that will be transferred into Adobe XD and the matching fields.

After the google sheets document was all setup, it was time to go back into Adobe XD and start the import of data. This uses the google sheets plugin in the plugin library to complete this goal. One of the interesting features of this plugin is if the person changes the google doc, you can refresh the data in Adobe XD and it will update the artboard with the new data. Once you apply the data using the plugin, you have to match the fields in the google sheet to the fields in the Adobe XD file. This starts the conversation of data between the two programs. Once the conversation is finished you get the final result which would look like below.

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