This site has been officially made live and launched! I built this from start to finish for a company I freelance for named ShoreSite Designs. This entire site was built on the bootstrap platform and was challenging and super fun to finalize. Note that it is only two pages and went through a bunch of rounds of iteration but at the end of the day, the client received something that will help their business grow and I got to work and complete something amazing.

To view the finished product take a look by going to tastebowls.com

For this weeks design challenge (create new) I am laying out a restaurant website in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD. The client gave instruction on what colors to keep the site, the logo and that they want it built on the bootstrap platform. Other than those 3 things, I have had no input what-so-ever.

I started with the navigation and main image area. The Navigation has all the necessary links and 1 extra just in case the client wants something special added to the navigation. The most important thing of all is the online ordering button that sticks out in the header from the tertiary color of yellow. Even on mobile, this button will be visible right away.

The next section is an image scroller that takes up the above the fold area on the website. The slides should express what is going on at the restaurant event wise or something special from the menu. This would cause the user to be driven to that area on the site.

The next section showcases the three things the restaurant is known for and pushes the users towards those sections on the menu. Once the buttons underneath each section is clicked it would load the menu page and jump to that section of the menu.

This section is another way to display either an upcoming event, upcoming specials, or maybe seasonal specials at the restaurant. The diagonal split of the image makes it eye catching and drives the user to read and click the button.

This last section of the website is the map for location/directions and the footer which shows a small blurb about the restaurant, the links for the entire site, the social media feed pulled right from facebook and the reviews of the restaurant pulled straight in from google reviews. At the very bottom is the copyright/all rights reserve text and the credits for the design and development.

Below is the final product of the site and the slideshow on the website.

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