For Design Challenge #11 I decided to continue doing a layout for the website development company. The two pages I laid out are the agency page and the team members page. These inside pages are going to follow the same layout to create uniformity and so the user becomes familiar with where things are located on the site. Both are going to have sticky headers (the top navigation will always be on the top of the site) and they will both have the company logo in the hero image with some captivating text above it. The examples for both pages are below:

Agency Header

Team Members Header

The next sections for the pages are the meat and potatoes of the pages. These sections are where the content relevant to the pages will be housed each section can be viewed bellow with a description for each part.

Agency Content Section

This shows a CTA (Call to Action or Click to Action) to direct the user to the team members page where it shows each member of the Wave team. Not pictured here is a content area below the CTA that breaks down the history of the company and what it does for its clients. It should show each service that the company offers and some examples of when those services were used (possible links to external sites).

Team Members Content

This is the team member section. I went with a cartooned version of the member because it adds some playful aspects to the team member and shows the user that yes we mean business but it can be fun at the same time. You will notice one of the members has a blue box underneath them. That is to show the rollover state for the team member. One idea I had was to, on rollover, change the head shot to a different photo. Almost like a character select screen on a video game.

The last section of the pages are the same. They show recent projects done by Wave, client testimonials, bottom navigation to every page, and the footer. That can be seen below.

Agency and Team Member Bottom

The finished product of each page can be seen below.

Agency Page

Team Members Page

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