Time for Design Challenge #10! In this weeks challenge, I laid out a new homepage for a web design company. I did the following steps to complete this:

  1. Research in competing companies in my area
  2. See what similarities they have in common on their websites
  3. Find out what type of features the homepages have on them and incorporate them into this homepage

The things I would have liked to have done before laying out this mockup would have been:

  1. Run some testing on users with a mid-fidelity prototype
  2. Interview Subject Matter Experts
  3. Interview Potential Users

and use the results to decide what is most important to the homepage.

What Were The Results

The first thing I took away from the research was that the subject matter for the site would be what is familiar and what sticks out in the area. That would be the beach and or ocean. The navigation should be a sticky navigation, meaning it should always be at the top of the page no matter where on the page the user has scrolled to. The next thing is the section above the fold should stand out and should either be a video or a parallax slider. I am going with the video background. The final results for the above the fold header can be seen below.

The next section is the services section. I chose something that allows the user to either pick the top text to jump to a section or use the arrows to move the section like a slider. This saves on space as well as gives the user an eye on what services the company offers.

After the services section we have included a recent work slider. This shows what the company is doing, that they are doing work, and that they are not stagnant. These would be in the layout of a case study. Gathering info before the client came to the company and what they are receiving after the company does the work.

After the section recent work, comes the testimonial section. Nothing says “I do amazing work” like hearing it from previous clients.

The final section of the site would be the bottom navigation and the footer. These two sections round everything off and allow the user quick access to all pages as well as contact info.

For the full image of what the page looks like, please see below.

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