Designing A Landing Page

So… This weeks design challenge I chose was to design a landing page for a website. Doesn’t seem to difficult right? Well, you can pick whatever type of website you want and have it do whatever you want. This made it much more difficult than anticipated because I wanted to do something elaborate, create a logo, create iconography, and pick colors. Well, I ended up doing what anyone would do… Everything I just mentioned, LOL.

I started by doing a little bit of research on what landing pages usually entail and what their main function is. Once I figured out that the direction I wanted to go in was a sign-up for something, I went with what anybody else would go with and that is volunteering for shopping for people who cannot and should not leave their house during the pandemic. My girlfriend, being the amazing person she is, actually was doing this for the elderly and immune compromised when the pandemic was at a high point here in my state of New Jersey. So I took that idea and made it my primary problem to solve the question of “How do you sign up to volunteer your time to do this?”

Columns For Mobile Layout

After sketching, finding the correct colors, picking out some icons I liked and figuring out the flow, the image of the website you see below is what I ended up with. Is it perfect? No. Does it get the person to sign up for helping get groceries for people who need help? Yes and with a little bit of testing, I think the final results will be perfect.

Once I exported the landing page and started writing this blog something hit me. I was like, “what about a mobile landing page?” So, I took my simple layout and reconfigured it to fit into a mobile layout. I used the columns to display and make sure everything fit and that the spacing fell perfectly. I used the same type of layout and configuration but removed the shopping bag image because I thought it would be to busy on the phone screen.

What I ended up with is below:

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