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So for my first design challenge from it said that I was to “Create a sign-up page, modal, form, or app screen related to signing up for something. It could be for a volunteer event, contest registration, a giveaway, or anything you can imagine.Well… Recently I had solar panels put on the roof of my house and thought why not make an app for businesses to sign up and either be able to download a packet with relevant information, schedule someone to come out and give an estimate or do both. So I started with a mood board to get some photos and get my colors under control. The results are what you see below.

Keeping the colors in the blues and greens seemed like a great idea but I later found out that halfway through the construction that I was leaning hard on the blues and not using the greens at all. If it was not obvious enough I was using the adobe stock library (LOL) to find my images which maybe also pigeon-holed me into going with the blue and green color scheme. I think the correct answer to my color problem is to simplify by getting rid of one of the blue shades and one of the green shades. That would leave me with the 4 colors I used the most while laying out the application and 1 highlight color that would allow whatever is that color to stand out.

After selecting the colors and imagery I did some quick 6-8-5 sketching to get some quick and simple layout options down and on paper to ideate and mull over. Once I was satisfied with the flow and how each area was going to look and function, I jumped into Adobe XD and started plugging away laying things out. I realized that I did not have a logo for my fake business and just having text up at the top did not fit with the layout of the app, so I created one from shapes and some text and I think it looks pretty good for a 5 minute quick logo. I never had a chance to work in Adobe XD while in school but it has started to become one of my favorite programs.

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